Monday, October 23, 2006

Forget the others, realize your self.

Neigbhorhood Flash 20th-26th August 2006

We often think that people are self-centered but to me it does not sound correct. My observation is that we are more other-centered than self-centered. We spend more energy and waste our time about what others are doing or have done than spending our time in creativity of our own It is only because we are jealous people. Why?

Osho explains this: Jealousy means ego, jealousy means unconsciousness,. Jealousy means that you have not know even a moment of joy and bliss; you are living in misery. Jealousy is a by-product of miser, ego, and unconsciousness. And not only about jealousy, remember about all problems – greed…
Somebody comes to me and says, “I am very greedy about money. How can I get rid of this greed for money?” it is not a question of money. Greed is greed. If you get rid of money you will become greedy for God; greed will still be there.
The night Jesus was saying goodbye to his disciple, one of the disciples asked him, “Lord, you are leaving us.
There is one question, and it is on the minds of all your disciples. In the kingdom of God you will be sitting at the right side of God himself – obviously, you will be his right hand. And who will be sitting next to you? Amongst us twelve, who will be the second to you? That is the most important thing in our heads. Please say something about it; otherwise, once you are gone it will be impossible for us to decide and we will be quarreling and fighting over it.”
Now, this is jealousy. Now, what kind of disciples has Jesus? As far as my observation goes, Jesus was not very fortunate about his disciples. Buddha was far more fortunate. Never in the whole life of Buddha has a disciple asked such a stupid question.
Remember, if greed is dropped about money, immediately it will take another object, it will become focused on something else.
Take responsibility, and then things start changing.
If you take the responsibility, if you think, “I am responsible, nobody else,” you will not be angry with the wife. You will not be fighting and nagging, you will not be nasty with her. You will start looking deeper and deeper. And in that very search you will become aware. That’s what awareness is, that’s how one become aware.
And when you are fully aware of your jealousy you will be surprised, you are in for a surprise: when you are fully aware of it, it disappears. It simply disappears, not leaving even a trace behind it.
Bring a little light inside. Meditate a little bit. Sit silently, doing nothing, looking inwards. In that stillness you will become aware of yourself and of the whole that surrounds you. That state is samadhi, and to know it is to know all, to be it is to be all.

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