Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Knowing the I

The object of life is the same for all Human Beings.
Whether you know it or not, it is a fact.The peasant that tills the soil
and the Butcher who cuts the head of innocent animals have only this object in view.
Whether you be in India or abroad it makes no difference.
Whether you speak French or Spanish, it makes no difference.
This is the only point on which the whole population of the world agrees.
What is that object ? The desire to enjoy happiness.
It is this desire that is in the back of every thing you do.
You are not satisfied with the intermitant happiness.
You want that happiness to be with you always. You cannot live without that.
he whole of your life is a struggle to get it. In spite of this man does not get what he wants.
Why ? Because he looks for it in the wrong place. You look for it where it is not.
You look for it in the outside world. The outside world is your object.
If you change, the outside world changes. Therefore you should first of all
have a clear idea of what you really are. Everybody uses the word "I"
without clearly knowing what it really means.

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