Friday, December 29, 2006

Daoist philosophy

Welcome to FFI's forum.
This forum is created for exchange of ideas. It is not for mindless babble of nonsense nor for clashes of personalities. We are not interested to dig more ditches but to build more bridges.
Our policy in moderating this forum is least intervention. In other words we operate this forum based on the Daoist philosophy of governing. The gist of this philosophy is wu wei, or “do nothing”.
There is an order in the nature, but you can’t put your finger on it. It simply cannot be measured or defined. Nature does not have geometric figures and it has no specific shapes but there is order beauty and harmony in it and it is perfect. Look at the clouds, the trees, the mountains or the rivers and lakes and the stars. They all have order but we simply cannot measure or describe it. This is Li - organic pattern.
The Dao is the way nature operates. You cannot find the controlling center of it, because there isn't any.
We humans are part of the nature and our society is a natural evolution. Internet forums are cyber societies and hence part of the nature too. Nature knows best how to regulate itself. So we moderate this forum letting it evolve under its natural impulses. We do not see human society as a factory were you have to plan and control every aspect of the production but rather as a garden with a life of its own, where all you have to do is assure that the trees and plants are watered and occasionally pruned and weeded, and watch it grow on its own.
Society is like an individual. In fact we individuals are only a society of billions of cells. There is no governing organism in our body. All cells know what to do and there is harmony. This harmony is the natural way. It exists in everything. Dao is the path of non intervention. By doing nothing you will accomplish more than by doing a lot.
The rules or the Dao of this forum are the natural rules governing any civilized society.

The Dao of the forum or its 10 commandments

Do not insult other members, Do not utter racial slurs or call for violence against certain groups of people. Clashes of opinions are welcomed but clashes of personalities are not.
Do not spam or flood the forum with too many postings. Limit your postings to maximum seven messages per day.
Think before writing. Quality matters more than quantity.
Do not use foul language nor override the general norms of civility. Let your words be the expression of who you are.
You’ll be “flamed” by other members if you behave unscholarly.
You do not have to be a scholar to participate in this forum but try to act like one.
Do not use an offensive nickname as your user name.
Be considerate of other members’ time and write only if you have something of value to say.
Remember that the membership to this forum is not a birthright, but rather a privilege. We love to see the flowers of all kinds and hues in our garden but the moderators are always on the watch to weed out the “thorny” shrubs that try to suffocate other plants.
This forum is for serious discussions. Please do not register multiple usernames like Muhammad and his Allah whose one alias said one thing and his hidden alias came to his support. We can easily see if you use multiple usernames, do not like it and will reveal your little secret. So don't do that.
Please join only if you agree.
I Agree

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