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Where angels fear to tread

Where Angels Fear to Tread by Alex J. Morrey sets out an alternative understanding of what we perceive to be the universe, the world in which we live. Instead of following the current trend of assuming it to be a consequence of objective fact independent of humanity, it is shown how it can be thought of as a consequence of collective belief entirely dependent upon humanity; a ‘dream-like’ world.
With this alternative way of thinking about space, time and what we perceive to be real, we take a fresh look at the nature of matter, light, the gravitational and electrostatic fields, etc., and why we perceive the speed of light to be about 186,282.4 miles per second. We can even give significance to the so-called Dark Energy that fills the universe. It is shown how humanity itself creates the ultimate Reality beyond space and time. Science is shown to involve studying just one segment (our world) of a very large multi-segment array of ‘dream-like’ worlds.
In this new way of thinking, God is thought of and experienced as the spirit of Reality where Reality is a non-conflicting logical structure beyond the reality of our world of space and time. It is shown how the spirit of Reality relates to the gods of the various religions. We as individuals can live in Reality by living in our Real self as an integral part of Reality much as did that controversial historic figure, Jesus of Nazareth, who demonstrated a direct interaction with Reality.
Have you ever wondered if everything you think you know is really true? Is it possible that there might be a better, more complete understanding of how the world works than what we unthinkingly assume? Do religious leaders and scientists really know what they are talking about?
If you are seriously prepared to have your assumptions challenged, Where Angels Fear to Tread by Alex J. Morrey is essential reading for you. We assume the universe in which we all live to be a consequence of objective fact. What if, instead, it is a consequence of collective belief? There is no noticeable difference between living in either situation, but it requires a quantum leap in thought to understand the difference and to come to terms with the implications.
Learn how to examine the truth of human existence, the nature of reality, and the meaning of God from the viewpoint of physics and science. Understand reality/Reality as never before.
Shake off that complacency and get ready to start thinking in an entirely new and very exciting way! Discover exciting new answers to a range of intriguing old questions.
Is faster-than-light travel, or time travel possible?
Are UFOs mere hallucinations or are they real objects?
Can extra-terrestrial life forms really exist anywhere?
Are crop circles more than just natural phenomena?
What is that mysterious ‘Dark Energy’ that fills the universe?
Why do we perceive objects as solid when in Reality they are not?
Is God real or imaginary? If so, what does God being real mean?
What is the root cause of religion, and where does religion fit in?
Is this life only a dream-like existence?
Are we each influenced by the values and beliefs of the masses?
Can we influence our own life events closer to Reality, and if so, how?
With a degree in physics and mathematics and a revelation from Reality, author Alex Morrey provides answers to these questions in a provocative and powerfully written manner that will broaden every truth seeker’s knowledge and leave readers captivated and greatly enriched.
Author Bio
Alex J. Morrey was born in Leicestershire England in the 1930s. After a childhood spent grappling with illness and myopia, he entered professional life as a carpenter and joiner apprentice, and subsequently as an external student of the University of London, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics via the Leicester College of Technology.
In the summer of 1959 Alex had what could be described as a revelation from Reality which became the basis of Where Angels Fear to Tread, an upgrading which is available to everyone.
In 1963, Alex and a colleague started a successful business producing printed circuit boards. By 1985, Alex was freed from business and able to travel. He spent time in Spain, abroad, and in the United States. In 1993, he relocated to the US and formed a computer service company with a friend who was an associate pastor at a church in Athens, Georgia. The odd relationships between congregation members provided Alex with new insights into the nature of Christianity and the quality known as charisma. In 2002, these insights, coupled with his knowledge of physics, culminated into the birth of an idea that led to the writing of Where Angels Fear to Tread.
The author presently makes his home in Winterville, Georgia.

The New York Times Review
Ellen Tanner Marsh, Best Selling Author
What is reality? Is what we see really what is truly there? Not according to Alex Morrey’s thought-provoking new book, Where Angels Fear To Tread. The Nature of Reality and the Meaning of God.
Forget what you think you know about the universe. Our universe, according to Morrey, is a consequence of our collective space-time beliefs. What we see and feel and sense are not really based on objective fact at all, but rather on our shared “universal belief” that reveals to us a reality we’ve all seemingly agreed to accept.
But what about the greater reality, one that encompasses dreams, psychic phenomena and precognitive dreaming? Can we be consciously aware of both the real world and this dream world? And how do we get closer to this ultimate reality, which encompasses both?
Morrey’s book is filled with fascinating accounts of how the human brain can shape our world. True Reality in theological terms. Morrey says, is nothing less than “the mind of God,” with Jesus of Nazareth as an example of how we should aspire to live within it, as a Real self. But can we make inroads to this Reality? Can we heal ourselves and, as good Christians or better still Realists, heal the world as well? Morrey’s prose is clear-eyed, inspirational and so provocatively smart that it’s downright exhilarating. Read this book and you’ll never look at the world the same way again.
Press Release
The Universe, although real, is an illusion
Where Angels Fear to Tread by Alex J. Morrey examines the nature of reality and the meaning of God from the viewpoints of scientific and personal perception.
WINTERVILLE , GEORGIA - Where Angels Fear to Tread delves into the universal questions about the nature of reality, the meaning of God, and the truth of human existence from the viewpoints of scientific and personal perception .
Individually and collectively, we take for granted the objective nature of the universe, a world that is supposed to have been in existence for some 17 billion years. Using physics and science, Alex Morrey demonstrates that the universe is an illusion created by a subliminal mind-to-mind “coercive interaction” between all the individual minds that make up the collective mind of humanity. He states that the interaction establishes a shared Universal Belief, which is perceived as reality at the seat of consciousness within each individual human brain. The universe is shown to be of the same nature as a dream world. He further shows how dream-like objects in a dream-like-world, can exhibit mass, inertia, feel solid, and be perceived as real .
Says Morrey, “Reality cannot be contained within a single individual mind; it is just too big. It is in theological terms the mind of God.” He further states that while mankind cannot understand the truth of existence, he can “live in that truth by living in his Real self, which is an integral part of Reality.” He perceives Jesus of Nazareth as having demonstrated this direct interaction with Reality.
What is God? Why do we perceive objects as solid, when in truth, they are not? Where does religion fit in? Are we influenced by mass beliefs? Can we influence our own life events? Where Angels Fear to Tread provides answers to these questions in a provocative and powerful manner that will captivate and enrich the lives of truth seekers everywhere.
Where Angels Fear to Tread is available for sale online at,,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

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