Friday, January 19, 2007

Opening invocation to Ganapati

Thursday, January 18, 2007
jai sree ganesh
opening invocation to ganapati
shuklambaradaram vishnum shashi varnam chaturbhujam
prasanna vadanam dhyayeth sarva vighnopashantaye
shukla ambara dharam vishnum shashi varnam chatuhu bhujam
prasanna vadanam dhyayeth sarva vighna upa shantaye
shukla -- white ; ambara -- garment ; daram -- worn, adorned ; vishnu -- all pervading ; shashi -- white ; varnam -- colour ; chaturbhujam -- four hands ; prasanna -- happy ; vadanam -- face ; dhyayeth -- bearing ; sarva -- all ; vigna -- obstacles ; upa -- near ; shantaye -- remove
O lord, who adorns the white garment, who is all pervading , who is of white colour, who has four hands, who bears a happy face, please remove all obstacles

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civitaswriter said...

Thank you for this info. It has helped me reunite with my ancestral roots. We were all once Vinayaks. Split up in that area and have forgotten this prayer that is still spoken to this day. It took me awhile to get it at heart. Like there was a barrier preventing me from calling Vishnu my God. But God is God all our God. Practice praying in various languages, it helps. Re-establishes ancestral alliances. Love will prevail. Namaste